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Grand Gardener Greenhouse

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The Rion Grand Gardener is an ultra spacious premium greenhouse with excellent features for the hobby gardener. Its barn shape design provides large headroom for work comfort. The green resin PVC frame has natural insulating qualities to create an outstanding nurturing environment. Virtually unbreakable, the polycarbonate wall panels provide the traditional look of a glass glazed greenhouse. There is twinwall glazing at the roof to protect from direct sunlight, and the crystal clear glazing at the walls to allow plenty of sunlight to flood in. 

The durable frame easily snaps together using smart "Pin & Lock" connectors and enables the structure to withstand extreme weather conditions for many years.

Features and Benefits:


Polycarbonate Panels

  • Virtually unbreakable, high impact resistant and flexible
  • Roof panels - Twinwall polycarbonate panels protect from strong sunlight exposure
  • Wall panels - Crystal clear polycarbonate provide over 90% light transmission
  • Complete UV blockage and 100% UV protected, the panels do not discolour, fracture or shatter
  • Maintain their integrity and withstand extreme weather conditions for many years

Easy Assembly

  • Smart "Pin & Lock" conne
  • Uniform profiles

Roof Vent

Provides air flow and allows regulation of heat and humidity

Extruded Resin Frame

Provides high insulation and helps create unique nurturing environment


Easy Access and Use

Double door with handle and holder

Rubber Sealing Strips

For better insulation

Reinforcement Cable

Improves structural stability and weather resistance.

Price Inc VAT

Grand Gardener 8ft x 8ft


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Grand Gardener 8ft x 12ft


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Grand Gardener 8ft x 16ft


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Grand Gardener 8ft x 20ft


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