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Polycarbonate Online - Formertsons Sheet Sales brings to you a wide range of Multi-wall and Multi layered Polycarbonate glazing sheet solutions. Polycarbonate is a high quality product produced in extremely clean manufacturing conditions to help retain its quality. This is available at Polycarbonate Online. An ideal roof glazing material, Multi-wall Polycarbonate offers remarkable impact resistance and long-term weather durability. It is virtually unbreakable and will withstand storms, hail-stones, wind, snowfalls and ice formation as well as prolonged exposure to hot and sunny weather. It performs well in temperatures as low as -40 C and as high as +120 C.

There are many types of Polycarbonate products at Polycarbonate Online. They can provide high levels of light transmission as well as superb heat insulation characteristics and these benefits offer both cost savings by conserving energy and also contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Multi-wall Polycarbonate is very light in weight when compared with glass, making it much easier to lift on to a roof. It is also very easy to maintain and only requires cleaning using warm water and a mild detergent.

Standard Polycarbonate comes in a clear finish however other colour options are available to personalise your roof system. pal or bronze tints and a venetian pattern (a white stripe) are available from Polycarbonate Online for use where levels of light transmission and/or solar heat gain need to be restricted, such as applications on a south or west facing roof.

Typical applications where Multi-wall glazing is used include:

  • Conservatory and lean to roofing
  • Car ports and patio covers
  • Covered walkways
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial and commercial rooflights
  • School playground canopies and covered areas
  • Stadia roofing
  • Railway station and platform canopy roofing
  • Commercial greenhouses
  • Swimming pool roof covers
  • High level vertical glazing
  • Smoking shelter roofing

The use of Polycarbonate does not stop at roofing solutions. It can also be used for advertising and sign production, shop fitting, machine guards and even mirrors! Buy Polycarbonate at Polycarbonate Online

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